IndexInvest is determined to deliver exceptional service to clients including our primary focus of lowering investment risk through proprietary strategies and techniques. Our clients will continue to use IndexInvest because we meet their objectives of consistent portfolio outcomes across our suite of model portfolio options.


IndexInvest aim to be the pinnacle provider of core portfolio and index based investment services to Australians. Our priority of placing our client’s outcomes first is congruent with our aim to be a highly sought after investment provider delivering consistent portfolio outcomes.

Company Profile

IndexInvest was established in 2009 as a streamlined provider of investment services to Australians. Working with the world’s largest providers of Index based products, IndexInvest is leading the market with comprehensive investment portfolio construction and management techniques unique in Australia.

The innovative investment approach was developed in response to the highly impacting effects of the global credit crisis and subsequent financial crisis. We were determined to develop a process which would achieve excellent investment outcomes whilst satisfying investor demands for:

  1. lower volatility to capital
  2. the ability to rapidly exit risk assets when markets moved adversely
  3. participation where market momentum is favourable

The use of low cost index based (passive) investment products tactically managed in response to technical indicators provides investors with extremely efficient access to all markets.